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I love the drawer idea. I'm going to find these and create a wall of shoe drawers. Thanks for your insight.

Suzanne Strom

love sterilite! the colors are awesome!

Rachel Skafidas

Wow! I need to get some of shoe stacking boxes, clutter free and it will be easy to see which shoe you are trying to find!


My sons have more shoes than I do, so I keep them in these wonderful shoe stacking boxes so they are easy to store and find!! Love you sterilite and all the great colors!


Love the idea of putting a dyer sheet in the containers!


I will have to try the door hanging rack. I too love shoes and have issues with storage. Thanks for the tips!

Clarence Bale

Some experts say that you should maintain the order in your closets by purging one item when you buy a new one, but this seems a bit extreme. Rather than going this route, don’t stuff your closets with so much stuff that one more item is an impossibility, leave a little room for new stuff. Then hold a regular closet evaluation once or twice a year and look for items that are either worn out or broken and need to go in the trash or items you can donate to charity. This way you’ll keep your closets in check without having to purge for every purchase.

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