Food and Drink

Friendsgiving Brunch

By Cassie Beigel of Sterilite Corporation

Thanksgiving is slowly approaching and it’s time to start figuring out plans for how you’re going to celebrate. I tend to spend Thanksgiving day with my family, similar to many of you I’m sure. However, considering that my family is not the only people I’m thankful for, I love to celebrate with my friends too! Every year my friends and I plan a Friendsgiving before stuffing ourselves with turkey and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving day, and this year we decided to make it a brunch.


I’m hosting Friendsgiving this year and the best way to take some stress off of hosting is if each friend brings a food of their choice! I always recommend using Sterilite’s Ultra Seal bowls when bringing food to an event because it’s perfect for keeping food fresh and sealed. Bringing something such as fruit salad, pumpkin bread, bagels, and pastries make for a delicious Friendsgiving brunch. The goal is to have so much food at your Friendsgiving that there are plenty of leftovers to send home with your friends! The wide range of sizes of Sterilite’s Ultra Seal bowls are guaranteed to hold whatever you bring, and any leftovers to bring home.


I decided to set up a waffle bar because who doesn’t love waffles!  Choose some of your favorite toppings for the waffles such as berries, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. Next, pour each topping into Sterilite’s 20-ounce bowls and serve yourself! A waffle bar allows your friends to customize exactly what they like on their waffles to ensure that everyone is satisfied.

Although delicious food is a major aspect of Thanksgiving, don’t forget the real meaning of the holiday- being thankful for the people and the things you have in your life. Let us know if you decide to get together with some great friends for brunch to celebrate Thanksgiving this year