Food and Drink

How to Throw an Epic Halloween Party!

By Cassie Beigel of Sterilite Corporation

With Halloween right around the corner, why not get into the spooky spirit even more this year by throwing an epic Halloween party? Have family and friends come dressed in their costumes and make it one to remember, with everything from festive drinks to haunted décor. With these party ideas, all guests - kids, teens, and adults, are guaranteed to have a good time!


The first step to planning an epic Halloween party is decorating. Transform your home into a haunted house with pumpkins, streamers, spider webs and more. The Sterilite 64 Qt. Latching Box is perfect for storing away these spooky decorations. The festive Purple and Orange lids and tinted base make the stored contents easy to identify so there’s no problem locating them year after year.


The Sterilite Ultra•Seal™ 8.1 Qt. Bowl is the perfect container to make a ghoulish punch in for guests to enjoy. Add in food coloring or candy spiders to a favorite drink recipe for a fun Halloween themed twist. Along with other festive treats or candy, place this punch on the table with a ladle in the bowl to make it easy for guests to help themselves throughout the party.


It’s important to have an activity to keep the kids entertained during the Halloween party. Bobbing for apples has been a popular seasonal fall game for years. Not only is this game exciting but it is extremely simple to set up with very few supplies needed! The Sterilite 18 Gal. Tote is the perfect size for the kiddos to bob for apples in. Fill the tote about 3/4ths of the way with room temperature water, and add 5 apples or so to the tote. Have the kids take turns getting timed on how fast they can pick up an apple out of the water with their mouth without using their hands. Of course, make sure the winner gets a prize!

Let the festivities begin - Happy Halloween!