Organize After the Holidays!

By Michaela Coyle of Sterilite Corporation

Countdown to Christmas is here! Soon all of that running around, holiday shopping, and food prepping will come to an end and you will be ringing in the New Year!

But first, we need to store the decorations, leftover wrapping paper, ornaments and festive wreaths. It’s so important to organize these items and store them safely from year to year. Here are some must-have holiday storage products!

The new Sterilite 40” Wrap Box is perfect for storing away even those taller rolls of wrapping paper until next season. It’s slim and stands up vertically which makes for efficient storage. When it’s time to start wrapping the clear Wrap Box is easy to identify and keeps contents protected from dust and damage, which is a plus!1994-Closet-Clear

Un-decorating the Christmas tree may not be as enjoyable as decorating but it’s a must when trying to get your house back in order. Using the Sterilite Stack & Carry- 2 Layer Ornament Box makes it easy to store ornaments away and it’s adjustable to fit small and large ornaments in the same box.1427-Divide

Totes or storage boxes are great for storing larger decorations, but when you need to store an artificial wreath, it can get tricky. The shape is unique which is where the Sterilite Nesting Wreath Box comes in handy. It has a built-in wreath hanger which will keep the wreath in place and maintain the shape from year to year. 1983-AnyRoom-Clear-RocketRed

Once you have all of your storage ready to go, you can sit back, celebrate the holiday, and plan for the smoothest transition into the new year.  Appreciate the quality time with friends and family, and enjoy all of the delicious food. Happy Holidays!