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Betsy Sawyer

Unique idea, and thanks for the recipe.

James Martin

I get it, the cupcakes look like a flag. COol.
They really fit good in the box.


My sons would loooove those cupcakes! I have several of those containers and they work amazing for things like this!


Looks great! Now I know what I'm bringing to the Cinco de Mayo party I have this weekend.


I heart Sterilite. I buy your stuff all the time.
Never knew about this blog. Is it new?

Sterilite Corporation

Hi Mel,

Yes, we started our blog about a month ago. We hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to follow us here and on our Facebook page.



What an awsome idea! The cupcakes look so yummy. I am going to have to try the recipe. I bet if there are any left over, they will stay fresh by in those wicked nice food containers. Keep up the great work Sterilite!


You have to say Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes As a message for all of you:If you have suesigtgons regarding flavors, please tell me, I'll do my best! Have a delicious day!


Ok, those look amazing. I love vanlila cupcakes and I love non-chocolate icing and I love candy canes (One of the best things about winter is being able to make peppermint bark!) so these look awesome. I might have to try this recipe when I'm back in the US. I have a little bit of crushed candy cane left over that's not enough for a batch of bark. :)

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