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I am in the same boat with the small kitchen. I have had to edit. But let me tell you it is not that big of a deal. You can stash some tighns in longer term storage (garage or back of your closet or whatever) if you don't want to break up your set.I would suggest editing everything else too, and storing or passing along stuff that you can do without. Kitchens really need to be efficient. A few hardworking pieces will serve you well without getting in your way, and will make room for more of what you want to hang on to, like your pans. Some places to start: serving ware, tupperware, and mixing stuff, and duplicates of utensils. Make sure that your gadgetry and small appliances (esp the bulky ones) are really working hard to earn their place most of them are not absolutely necessary. For instance you might trade in your coffee maker for a french press which is smaller. You might be able to pare down on dishes, glasses, and mugs. Try to get by on service for 4. This should get you through the day, but then you clean up. If you need more dishes when friends come over, you can store them up high out of your way, so that everyday needed items can be in a handier place. You can also probably reduce the food you keep on hand. Try buying less, more often and keep less bulk stuff around. Or store your unopened excesses in another place, and keep the at-hand amounts in the kitchen.Misc storage places that I find useful: Top of fridge. I like this for tupper ware. I keep it in a laundry basket. When I need it, I pull the basket down and get. It isn't heavy and is just organized enough to be smart without being overdone. You might want something prettier up there but this worked fine for me.Inside the fridge. You can store almost anything in there if it isn't usually full. Cans of food, empty tupperware? The bonus is that with that stuff in there cold, it will help keep your perishables cold.Inside the dishwasher. If you wash by hand, you can use the dishwasher for storing clean dishes.Inside the oven. Good place for pans and bakeware if you don't use it all the time. I wouldn't use the oven for anything that can't get used in the oven, in case it accidentally gets turned on before you empty it. Watch for plastic or wooden handles. Back of the stove like the top of the backsplash area. I keep spices, oils there. They lean against the wall because there isn't enough room for anything to fall back there. I also keep my most well used pans right on the burners. I have my pasta pot stashed with the colander inside, and lid on. Skillets nested together. Everything is out but it is neat and handy.Think outside the box. You may think you know what belongs in the kitchen but you don't have to do that way. You can store spices in a drawer. You can store linens on a shelf. You can put rubber shelf liner down to put bowls or cups in a drawer. There also isn't a hard and fast rule about upper and lower cabinets, or what goes together. Put the stuff you need everyday in the handiest places, and the rest in the more out of reach places.


Great article is there any chance I can take it and copy it onto my own blog

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